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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Orthodoxy and Psychology

Upon reading my interview with Stephen Muse, the priest and clinician Vasileios Thermos very helpfully sent me a note drawing my attention to his own recent publications in the area of Orthodox theology and psychology. Alexander Press has recently published Thirst for Love and Faith (Encounters of Orthodox Theology and Psychological Science) (2010), 88pp. 

About this book, the publisher tells us:
Our souls struggle for a genuine life which is a life granted by the Holy Spirit. But various obstacles hinder our spiritual process, some of them internal (psychological deficits and complications) and others external (a society of sin and confusion). In a psychological era the sciences which explore the psychological life of the soul can be valuable, provided that we shall make use of them with respect for the hidden treasure that the Lord trusted to our personalities. The six articles of this book explore several aspects of our psychological journeys in life by crossing the vocabularies of Theology and Psychology. This can be hopefully a way in which secular knowledge may serve the aim of spiritual progress.

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