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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Holy Spirit: Readings

As I noted before, it used to be one of those stereotyped commonplaces that the East was somehow pneumatologically stronger than the West. This recent collection amassed and edited by a Western theologian, Eugene Rogers, contains a great many texts on the Holy Spirit from Eastern writers, and other texts of interest:

E.F. Rogers, The Holy Spirit: Classic and Contemporary Readings (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), 360pp.

The table of contents helpfully breaks down the various traditions that are represented, including:
6. Vatican Clarification on the Filioque: Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
7. Matter and Spirit, or What is Pauline Participation in Christ? Stanley Stowers (Brown University)
II: Syriac Resources:8. from Hymn on Virginity, 7: Ephrem the Syrian (ca. 306-73)
9. [Eating Love]: Isaac of Nineveh (fl. ca. 680)
10. from The Holy Spirit in the Syrian Baptismal Tradition: Sebastian Brock (formerly of Oriental Institute, Oxford)
III: Early Greek Resources:11. from Catechetical Orations: Cyril of Jerusalem (ca. 313-386/7)
12. from Orations against the Arians: Athanasius of Alexandria (295-373)
13. from On the Holy Spirit: Basil of Caesarea (ca. 329-79)
14. from On Holy Baptism and On Pentecost: Gregory of Nazianzus (329-89)
VI: Russian and Romanian Resources:23. from The Comforter: Pavel Florensky (1882-1937)
24. Redemption and Deification: Vladimir Lossky (1903-58)
25. from Trinitarian Relations and the Life of the Church: Dumitru Staniloae (1903-93)
VII: Mystical Resources:26. from The Discourses: Symeon the New Theologian (949-1022)

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