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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Amidst the renewed interest in many Eastern Christian churches since 1991, several have been relatively neglected so far, including the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, which has been (as I document in my Orthodoxy and the Roman Papacy: Ut Unum Sint and the Prospects of East-West Unity) deeply divided over its communist past. Recent news stories suggest that its patriarch is about to resign. One of the few recent books in English to give serious scholarly attention to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is James Lindsay Hopkins, The Bulgarian Orthodox Church: A Socio-Historical Analysis of the Evolving Relationship Between Church, Nation, and State in Bulgaria (Columbia University Press, 2009), 360pp.

About his book the publisher provids a pithy overview: 

After a discussion of the Byzantine and early Ottoman eras, the author examines church-state relationships in the latter Ottoman, Communist, and post-communist periods.

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