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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Postmodernity

I have for some time been noting and discussing books that treat broadly the Orthodox-Muslim encounter in both the antique and modern periods. A common theme has been that of lament: at how little has been done; how much of what has been done has been poisoned by politics, shoddy scholarship, or both; and how much work remains to be done. It is a happy development, then, to have a new book which makes a signal contribution and can be unhesitatingly recommended as a work of wonderfully cogent writing and careful scholarship: Andrew M. Sharp, Orthodox Christians and Islam in the Postmodern Age (History of Christian-Muslim Relations) (Brill, 2012), vii+258pp.

This book is the latest in Brill's not inexpensive but certainly very substantial scholarly series "History of Christian-Muslim Relations," a series that none who care about these encounters can afford to ignore. Details about other titles in the series can be had here.

In the coming weeks I hope to feature an interview with the author. In the meantime let me encourage all who are interested in the topic to make sure to get a copy of this important book. We are, once more, in the debt of Brill for continuing to publish works in their very important and welcome series on the history of Christian-Muslim relations.

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