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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Do We Suffer?

If you've ever been sick yourself for an extended period, or watched others with chronic illness, the question inevitably arises: why is this happening? One may generate all sorts of "medical" ideas as to etiology of the illness, which may go some distance towards providing something of an answer to that question; but the spiritual and theological question remains: what, if anything, is the purpose of this experience? What, if any, meaning can be discerned in my suffering?

A new book from St. Vladimir's Seminary Press treats of these questions: Daniel Hinshaw, Suffering and the Nature of Healing (SVS Press, 2013), 262pp.

About this book we are told:
Author Dr. Daniel Hinshaw explores the central relationship between the Incarnation of the Word of God as Jesus Christ and the nature of healing within the understanding of traditional Christianity. This understanding and teaching regarding sin, suffering, and death have had tremendous impact on the care of the sick. With increased secularization, the unique perspective of traditional Christianity is largely being lost from health care. There is much in modern health care that is very good and could be recognized and blessed as consistent with traditional Christian teaching and practice; there is much that is not.

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