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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Literary Heritage of Eastern Christianity

Certain publishers continue to offer an invaluable service in making major scholarly works on Eastern Christianity better known. Peeters is one such publisher, with an on-going series, the latest volume of which, under the editorship of J.P.  Monferrer-Sala, H.G.B. Teule, and Tovar S. Torallas, Eastern Christians and their Written Heritage: Manuscripts, Scribes and Context  (Peeters, 2012), 282pp.   

About this book the publisher tells us:

This volume gives the text of the contributions presented at the Second International Congress on Eastern Christianity organised in Madrid in April 2008. The focus of the conference was on the written heritage ("manuscripts, scribes and contexts") of Eastern Christians in different periods and from different confessional backgrounds, but it was thought appropriate to include some contributions on the Jewish heritage as well. 
Part I of the volume is devoted to manuscript collections and archives in Spain, Portugal, Alexandria and St Petersburg. Part II deals with Christian Arabic, Coptic, Greek and Slavonic manuscripts written by members of different religious communities. Part III discusses a variety of contextual issues such as the Egyptian monastic environment (book binding and manuscript illumination, women readers), schools (school texts on papyri) and Christian sources in Ibn Giqatela's psalm commentary.

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