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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Lord the Giver of Life

Coming out in June of this year is a collection from Eerdmans treating that one Person of the Trinity sometimes overlooked in some traditions, and sometimes thought to be at issue in East-West Trinitiarian disputes. I speak, of course, of The Holy Spirit: In Biblical Teaching, through the Centuries, and Today. Authored by Anthony Thiselton, this book, the publisher tells us, is a

wide-ranging, thoroughly researched volume [that] approaches questions concerning the Holy Spirit with an up-to-date account of biblical teaching on the topic, including exposition of passages and hermeneutics; a comprehensive historical survey; and current writers and issues, with assessment and mutual dialogue with Pentecostals and the Renewal Movement.

The Holy Spirit, prophecy, tongues, the miraculous, the range and nature of the Spirit's gifts, the Holy Spirit in relation to the Trinity -- all of these topics are of ongoing interest today. This learned volume from Anthony Thiselton offers scholarly work on specific themes along with practical consequences for worship and life.
Part II treats the Fathers, including the ante- and post-Nicene Fathers in both East and West. Part III has a chapter looking at both Lossky and Zizioulas.

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