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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mount Athos

I was going through the Peeters catalogue when I came across a recent book I had not previously seen devoted to Mount Athos, which, as I've noted repeatedly before, continues to generate a good deal of interest.  A recent collection of scholarly articles, edited by Graham Speake and Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, continues to expand our understanding of the holy mountain: Mount Athos: Microcosm of the Christian East (Peeters, 2011), 216pp.

The publisher provides us the table of contents here in this PDF; and here in this PDF you can read an extract.

The publisher further tells us this about the book:
Mount Athos is the spiritual heart of the Orthodox world. From its beginnings in the ninth century it attracted monks from all corners of the Byzantine empire and beyond to experience its seclusion, its sanctity, and its great natural beauty. The first monastery, founded in 963, was an international institution from the start; by the end of the twelfth century separate monasteries had been founded not only for Greeks but also for Georgians, Amalfitans, Russians, Serbs, and Bulgarians. Nationality, however, has rarely counted for much on Athos, and though the Romanians have never secured a monastery for themselves, today they form, after the Greeks, the largest ethnic group. This book tells the story of how these many traditions came to be represented on the Mountain and how their communities have fared over the centuries. Most of the papers were originally delivered at a conference convened by the Friends of Mount Athos at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, in 2009. As far as possible, the authors were chosen to write about the traditions that they themselves represent.

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