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Friday, October 8, 2010

Eastern Christian Anthropology

Chris Hann and Hermann Goltz, eds., Eastern Christians in Anthropological Perspective (Berkeley, CA: U of California Press, 2010), x+375pp.

This is a new and very interesting study by sociologists and anthropologists in Western Europe--Germany especially.  Such an approach to the study of Eastern Christian populations and practices lags considerably behind comparable Western studies, and those few that have been done recently have often been of mixed to very poor quality--as I have noted elsewhere. This study of various Eastern Christians--Greco-Catholics in Ukraine and Romania, Orthodox in Macedonia, Russia, and elsewhere--looks much more promising. It covers numerous topics, including several articles on iconography, monasticism, and pilgrimages. Prof. Myroslaw Tataryn of St. Jerome's University will review this for Logos next year. 

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