"Let books be your dining table, / And you shall be full of delights. / Let them be your
And you shall sleep restful nights" (St. Ephraim the Syrian).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dostoevsky's Faith

Of the studies of Dostoevsky there is no end, which should not surprise us given not only the size of his literary corpus, but its density, complexity, and absorbing richness. Many books have been written about him in general, and his theology in particular.

Rowan Williams, Dostoevsky: Language, Faith, and Fiction (Baylor U Press, 2008), 290pp.

Now we have a new book that tackles his theological imagination anew, and in a long review in Logos last year, Vigen Guroian called Rowan Williams' book "the best that has been written on the author's theological vision and imagination."

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