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Monday, February 8, 2021

Sex Abuse and Harvard

To my delight, I was invited last year to give a lecture at a Harvard symposium later this spring that is focused on bringing together a very impressive and international cast of scholars, clinicians, and activists to discuss the problems of child sex abuse, not least in the Catholic Church. My book, fast approaching its second birthday, Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed: Ridding the Church of Abuses of Sex and Power, forms the backbone of my lecture, but I will also be going beyond what I wrote there to sketch out a new proposal very much in its earliest and most inchoate stage that seeks to offer some regular, structured means of healing for victims and communities. 

This proposal is indebted to a chapter in a book I discussed in some detail at my other blog. That book, the second of two in an important and rewarding collection, is also very much worth your time.

As you can see here, I am one of the speakers. That website will give you further details as to how you may following along with the conference on Zoom. 

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