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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Muslim-Christian Relations

Routlege Press continues to be one of the most important and prolific in publishing titles concerning Islam, the Middle East, and Muslim-Christian relations, as I have noted before. They are set to soon release another welcome collection which I greatly look forward to reading: Mona Siddiqui, ed., The Routledge Reader in Christian-Muslim Relations (384pp.).

About this book the publisher tells us:
Interest in Christian-Muslim dialogue has grown considerably in recent years. How Islam and Christianity have approached each other theologically is one of the most absorbing ways of understanding the challenge of interreligious relations or Christian-Muslim polemics. This volume provides an indispensable reading and reference tool, showing how Muslim and Christian scholars have shaped the discourse on the varying interfaces between Christianity and Islam. The Reader contains a substantial introduction and presents a range of scholarly approaches to Christian-Muslim relations. Included are selections of primary polemical material, focusing on critical and appreciative approaches to the Jesus/Muhammad, Bible/Qur’an and God question for Muslims and Christians.
We are also given the contents:
Editor’s Introduction Mona Siddiqui 1. John of Damascus: The Heresy of the IshmaelitesAdelbert Davids and Pim Valkenberg 2. The Islamic Image of Paul and the Origin of the Gospel of Barnabas P.S. van Koningsveld 3. The Christologies of Abu Qurra, Abu Ra’ita and Ammar al-Basri and Muslim Response Mark Beaumont 4. Extracts from Early Muslim Polemic against Christianity: Abu Isa al-Warraq’s ‘Against the Incarnation’ David Thomas 5. Folly to the Hunafa: The Crucifixion in Early Christian-Muslim Controversy Mark N. Swanson 6. Extracts from The Book of Religion and Empire Al-Tabari 7. A Mu‘tazilite Refutation of Christianity and Judaism: Two Fragments from Abd Al-Jabbar’s Al-Mughni Fi Abwab Al-Tawhid Wa-L-Adl Margaretha Heemskerk 8. Muhammad and the Muslims in St. Thomas Aquinas James Waltz 9. Nicholas of Cusa on the Qur’an: A Fifteenth-Century Encounter With Islam Nicholas Rescher 10. Luther’s Knowledge of and Attitude Towards Islam Adam S. Francisco 11. Extracts from The Disintegration of Islam Samuel M. Zwemer 12. Extracts from The Christian Message in a non-Christian World Hendrik Kraemer 13. Towards an Islamic Christology II: The Death of Jesus, Reality or Delusion Mahmoud M. Ayoub 14. Islam and Christianity: Diatribe or Dialogue Isma’il Ragi A. Al Faruqi 15. Mohammad Talbi: ‘For Dialogue Between all Religions' Ronald L. Nettler16. Christianity and World Religions: The Dialogue with Islam as one Model Hans Küng 17. The Quest of the Historical Muhammad F E Peters 18. Jesus and Mary as Poetical Images in Rumi’s Verse Annemarie Schimmel 19. Extracts from The Muslim Jesus: Sayings and Stories in Islamic Literature Tarif Khalidi 20. The Praiseworthy Amity of Christians Jane Dammen McAuliffe 21. Rachel, Mary, and Fatima Susan Sered 22. ‘No God in Common:’ American Evangelical Discourse on Islam after 9/11 Richard Cimino 23. Aw qāla: ‘Li-jārihi’: Some observations on brotherhood or neighborly love in Islamic tradition Oddbjørn Leirvik

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