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Monday, September 24, 2012

Controversial Controversies

Set for October release from Fortress Press are reprinted editions (with new covers, not shown here) of two slender volumes originally published more than 30 years ago which introduced generations of students to some of the most important debates of early Christian history: William G. Rusch, ed. and trans., Trinitarian Controversy (Sources of Early Christian Thought) and its companion volume (one of several in the original series), Richard A. Norris, ed. and trans., The Christological Controversy

About the latter volume, the publisher tells us:
This book is a collection of texts designed to illustrate the development of Christian thought about the person of Christ in the patristic era. The earliest text translated comes from the latter half of the second century, when the ideas and problems which were to dominate Christological thought in this period were first crystallized. The latest is the well-known "Definition of the Faith" of the Council of Chalcedon, which generally has been accepted as defining the limits of Christological orthodoxy.

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