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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Orthodox Christian World

It is a very happy day when I can report receipt in the mail yesterday from the publisher of Augustine Casiday, ed., The Orthodox Christian World (Routledge 2012, 608pp. It's the start of the academic year around here, so I've only had a chance to glance at the table of contents and list of contributors, but both look very impressive. I contacted the editor some time ago and he has agreed to an interview which I hope to feature on here in the coming weeks.

This book, Casiday tells me, aims to take a different approach to the study of Orthodoxy than other recent or comparable texts. About this book the publisher tells us:
Over the last century unprecedented numbers of Christians from traditionally Orthodox societies migrated around the world. Once seen as an ‘oriental’ or ‘eastern’ phenomenon, Orthodox Christianity is now much more widely dispersed, and in many parts of the modern world one need not go far to find an Orthodox community at worship. This collection offers a compelling overview of the Orthodox world, covering the main regional traditions of Orthodox Christianity and the ways in which they have become global. The contributors are drawn from the Orthodox community worldwide and explore a rich selection of key figures and themes. The book provides an innovative and illuminating approach to the subject, ideal for students and scholars alike.

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