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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Medieval Worlds in Conflict

Thomas Madden, who has written extensively on the Crusades, recently collaborated with James Naus and Vincent Ryan in the editing of a collection entitled Crusades: Medieval Worlds in Conflict (Ashgate, 2010), 234pp.

About this book, the publisher tells us the following (the Amazon link will also open the table of contents for you):

This volume demonstrates the broad interdisciplinary spectrum of modern crusade studies, extending far beyond the battlefield into the conflict and occasional cooperation between the diverse cultures and faiths of the Mediterranean. Although the crusades were a product of medieval Europe, they provide a backdrop against which medieval worlds can be observed to come into both contact and collision. The subjects dealt with include Muslim and Christian understandings of their wars within their own intellectual and artistic perspectives, as well as the development of memory and definition of crusading in both the East and West. A section on the Crusades and the Byzantine world examines the intersection of western and eastern Christian attitudes and agendas and the book concludes with three studies on the crusader king, Louis IX, examining both his two crusades and their role in his later sanctification.

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