"Let books be your dining table, / And you shall be full of delights. / Let them be your
And you shall sleep restful nights" (St. Ephraim the Syrian).

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Irenaeus and Paul

In nearly a decade since this blog got going, books about Irenaeus have been regularly featured, reflecting an ongoing interest in him, which interest will be further fed by a forthcoming collection, Irenaeus and Paul, eds. Todd D. Still and David E. Wilhite (T&T Clark, 2019? 2020?), 240pp.

I have seen no less than three release dates for this, some indicating May 2019, others December, and still others February 2020. In any event, we can see from the publisher that the book, whenever it appears, will be

Building on the work of Tertullian and Paul and The Apostolic Fathers and Paul this volume continues a series of specially commissioned studies by leading voices in New Testament/early Christianity and patristics studies to consider how Paul was read, interpreted and received by the Church Fathers.
In this volume the use of Paul's writings is examined within the writings of Irenaeus of Lyon. Issues of influence, reception, theology and history are examined to show how Paul's work influenced the developing theology of the early Church. The literary style of Paul's output is also examined. The contributors to the volume represent leading lights in the study of Irenaeus, as well as respected names from the field of New Testament studies.

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