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Monday, March 4, 2019

Edith Humphrey on N.T. Wright

The Orthodox biblical scholar Edith Humphrey, who is a fellow subject of the Queen's Majesty of Canada, and whom I am privileged to call a friend, has a chapter in a new Festschrift for the internationally acclaimed biblical scholar and Anglican bishop, N.T. Wright: One God, One People, One Future: Essays in Honor of N.T. Wright, eds. J.A. Dunne and E. Lewellen (Fortress, 2018), 608pp.

About this hefty collection the publisher tells us this:

Leading scholars from around the world engage with key facets of N. T. Wright's most important work, providing a window onto major debates and developments in New Testament studies in recent decades.

These essays focus on N. T. Wright's contribution to New Testament theology and interpretation over the past four decades. The structure is three-fold, corresponding to the three areas of classic Jewish theology that Wright views as starting points for discerning the shape of New Testament theology: monotheism, election, and eschatology. Working within these broad categories, the contributors critically engage with Wright's work from both biblical and theological perspectives.

I've previously interviewed Edith here and here about earlier books. Since then she has shown herself no stranger to engaging what is good in the thought of English Anglicans as seen by her newest book, Further Up and Further In: Orthodox Conversations with C. S. Lewis on Scripture and Theology (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2017), 301pp.

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