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Friday, August 3, 2018

A Brief Introduction to Byzantine Christianity

The well-known British scholar Averil Cameron, a Byzantinist of long-standing distinction and many publications, has recently published Byzantine Christianity: A Very Brief History (SPCK/IVP, 2018), 138pp.

About this book the publisher tells us the following:
From the foundation of Constantinople in 330 to its fall in 1453, this brief history explores the key components of Byzantine Christianity, including the development of monasticism, icons and iconoclasm, the role of the emperor in relation to church councils and beliefs, the difficult relationship with the papacy, and the impact of the Crusades.
The book also considers Byzantine Christianity as a living force today: the variety and vitality of Orthodox churches, the role of the Church in Russia, and the enduring relevance of a spirituality derived from the church fathers.

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