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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Transnational Ukraine

As the calendar turns and we enter 2017, the saga of Ukrainian invasion and corruption continues for another year. Will 2017 see any improvement? At the very least, the new year will bring a new book looking at recent events in Ukraine: Timm Beichelt and Susann Worschech, eds., Transnational Ukraine? Networks and Ties that Influence(d) Contemporary Ukraine (Ibidem Press/Columbia University Press, 2017), 200pp.

About this collection, we are told:
The Euromaidan protests showed Ukraine to be a state between East and West European paths. Ukraine's search for an identity and future is deeply rooted in historical fractures, which indicate its longstanding ties beyond its borders. In this volume, distinguished scholars provide empirical analysis and theoretical reflections on Ukraine's transnational embeddedness, which surfaced with an unexpected intensity in the recent political conflict. The essays have subjects including the role of international media and of diaspora communities in Euromaidan's aftermath, the transnational roots of memory and the search for collective identity, and transnational linkages of elites within Ukrainian political and economic regimes. The anthology demonstrates the theoretical and analytical value of the concept of transnationalism for studying the ambivalent processes of post-Soviet modernization.

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