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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Greek Struggles, Economic and Otherwise

Though the lurid tales of economic struggle in Greece have fallen off North American headlines, the struggles are far from over. A recent book takes a look at the related notions of economic progress, "modernization," and the role of Greek culture, including Greek Orthodoxy, within the current context: Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruby Gropas, and Hara Kouki, eds., The Greek Crisis and European Modernity (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), 256pp. 

About this group of essays we are told:
This collection explores the current economic and political crisis in Greece and more widely in Europe. Greece is used to illustrate and exemplify the contradictions of the dominant paradigm of European modernity, the ruptures that are inherent to it, and the alternative modernity discourses that develop within Europe. By critically reviewing the 'alternative' path to modernization that Greece has taken, the authors question whether the current Greek economic and political-moral crisis is the resulting failure of this 'alternative' or 'deviant' modernization model or whether it is the result of a wider crisis in the dominant European economic and political modernity paradigm.

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