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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celebrating Andrew Louth

Andrew Louth is one of the leading lights in Orthodox theology and history today, writing important and critically well received works in church history, patrology, and other areas. And so it is only fitting to see him honoured in a forthcoming Festschrift set for publication in April: Celebration of Living Theology: A Festschrift in Honour of Andrew Louth (T&T Clark, 2014), 272pp.

About this book we are told:
This volume brings together an international range of world-class scholars to engage with Andrew Louth’s work and its influence on modern Theology. Andrew Louth is well known and influential in the English-speaking circles but also in the non-English Orthodox world, especially across Eastern Europe. The interaction between these theological groups remains sparse and intermittent. By drawing together scholars from the three main branches of Christianity and from around the world, this volume helps to increase our knowledge and exposure between these different spheres. This volume comprises of articles on Patristics, Byzantine Fathers, Latin Fathers, Modern Christianity, Theology as Life and the reception of Louth’s work outside the English-speaking world. The papers are written by the leading scholars, such as Lewis Ayres, John Milbank, Kallistos Ware and Thomas Graumann.

The publisher also helpfully gives us a detailed table of contents:

Editors' Introduction

The work of Andrew Louth: An Assessment, Lewis Ayres

Part I: Patristics
1. Authority and Doctrinal Normation inPatristic Discourse, Thomas Graumann
2. Studying the Fathers in the TwentyFirst Century, John Behr
3. The Possibility of a Pan-Patristic Theology,Lewis Ayres
Part II: Byzantine Fathers
4. The Concept of 'Image' according to an Eight-Century Byzantine Bishop: St Andrew of Crete'sResponse to ps-Dionysius the Areopagite, Mary Cunningham
Part III: LatinFathers
5. The Far-Western Synthesis of East and West: Eriugena's Promise forthe Future, John Milbank
6. Boethius the Theologians, Augustine Casiday
Part IV: Modern Christianity
7. For a New History of Christian Orthodoxy,Antoine Arjakovsky
8. The Evolution of Florovsky's Reading of VladimirSolovyov and the Waywardness of Russian Theology
Part V: Theology as Life
9. The Future Path of Orthodox Thought: 'Culture and Society' or 'MysticalTheology'?
Part VI: The Reception of Louth's Work Outside theEnglish-speaking World
10. British Patristic School: Its Impact on ModernOrthodox Theology, Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun
11. Response, Andrew Louth

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