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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Copts and Muslims in Egypt

Given the recent focus on Egypt and the ongoing violence by the Muslim Brotherhood and others against Coptic Christians in the aftermath of the overthrow first of Mubarak and more recently of Morsi, a book set for release early next year looks to be timely indeed: Abdel Latif Al Menawy, The Copts: An Investigation into the Rift Between Muslims and Copts in Egypt (Gilgamesh Publications, 2014), 210pp.

About this book we are told:
There are seventeen million Copts in the world, among them an estimated half million US Copts.This book covers the long history of this ancient Christian community, as well as the key role the Coptic Church played in the 2012 uprising in Egypt, and their prospects in post-revolution Egypt. Abdel Latif Al Menawy met and interviewed late Pope Shnouda, the third Patriarch of Egypt many times during his rule. Throughout his career in journalism he was constantly in touch with leaders of the Coptic Society in Egypt. He had unparalleled access to developments of the various crises unravelling in the streets of Egypt as a result to confrontation between religion and politics.
    Coptic Cairo explains how Christianity became so deeply rooted in Egypt that Islam was never able to overcome it, leading to an uneasy relationship between the two faiths. It will give accounts, never published before, of direct confrontations between  the Late Pope Shnouda and both Presidents Late Anwar Sadat and former President Hosni Mubarak.  Abdel Latif also reveals the role the Coptic Church has played in the recent uprising in Egypt.

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