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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Biblical Canon

Vahan Hovhanessian, to whom I have previously drawn attention, has a new edited collection published: The Canon of the Bible and the Apocrypha in the Churches of the East (Peter Lang, 2011), 122pp.

About this book, the publisher tells us:  
The Canon of the Bible and the Apocrypha in the Churches of the East features essays reflecting the latest scholarly research in the field of the canon of the Bible and related apocryphal books, with special attention given to the early Christian literature of Eastern churches. These essays study and examine issues and concepts related to the biblical canon as well as non-canonical books that circulated in the early centuries of Christianity among Christian and non-Christian communities, claiming to be authored by biblical characters, such as the prophets and kings of the Old Testament and the apostles of the New Testament.
We are also provided the table of contents:

  • Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou: The Canon of Scripture in the Orthodox Church

  • Daniel Alberto Ayuch: The Prayer of Manasses: Orthodox Tradition and Modern Studies in Dialogue

  • Slavomír Céplö: Testament of Solomon and Other Pseudepigraphical Material in Ahkam Sulayman (Judgment of Solomon)

  • Anushavan Tanielian: The Book of Wisdom of Solomon in the Armenian Church Literature and Liturgy

  • Nicolae Roddy: Visul Maicii Domnului («The Dream of the Mother of the Lord»): New Testament Romanian Amulet Text

  • Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou: Banned from the Lectionary: Excluding the Apocalypse of John from the Orthodox New Testament Canon

  • Vahan S. Hovhanessian: New Testament Apocrypha and the Armenian Version of the Bible.
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