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Friday, December 2, 2011

LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies

Which of your friends and family would not rejoice to find, under the Christmas tree this month, a subscription to Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies? Consider the many outstanding features of this revue:
  • The oldest journal of its kind in North America
  • This journal alone features more recent book reviews than many other comparable journals combined.
  • This journal alone manages to be published consistently on schedule
  • This journal features the widest array of scholars--historians, theologians, anthropologists, psychologists, canonists, religious studies scholars, sociologists, philosophers, and others--from the widest array of backgrounds: we welcome all who are interested in Eastern Christianity, and one does not need to belong to a particular church or denominational "society" in order to contribute.
  • This journal publishes leading scholars from Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Chicago, and many other universities in North America and Europe.
Consider the riches of the fall issue, which it is not too late to order here for your family and friends:

Scholarly Articles:
  • "Pavel Florensky: His Life and Work" (by Richard W. Armstrong)
  • "Symbols and Symbolism in the Liturgy Revisited: A Ricoeurian Critique of Schmemann's Symbology" (by Brian Butcher)
  • "The Canonical Rules of the Orthodox Church: Theory and Practice" (by Sr. Vassa Larin)
  • "Parenting in the Spirit: Helping Children Stay on the King's Highway" (by Theresa Zolner)
Book Reviews:
Given this abundance of scholarly riches, what prevents you from subscribing today?

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