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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Finest Revue in North America

We are finishing up the spring issue (vol. 52, nos. 1-2) of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies. Alone of all Eastern Christian journals in North America, Logos manages to be published regularly and consistently every year on a twice-yearly schedule that incorporates the best scholarship and pastoral reflection from Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, Roman Catholic,  Protestant, and other scholars from around the world. It is not gratuitous bragging to note that no other comparable journal has the breadth of contributors that Logos does nor the ability consistently to publish in a timely manner on all aspects of Eastern Christianity in its manifold forms.

If through some inexplicable lapse you have not yet subscribed, or have let your subscription run out, have no fear: this link will let you sign up again so that you may feast on riches available nowhere else.

The spring issue will contain, inter alia, peer-reviewed articles, editorials, a necrology, and essays by, inter alia:
  • Richard Rymarz on Ukrainian Catholics at World Youth Day
  • Michael Plekon on Eastern Elements in Kierkegaard's Eighteen Upbuilding Discourses
  • Andriy Chirovsky
  • Vincenzo Poggi
  • Daniel Galadza, and others.

In addition, of course, we have nearly thirty reviews of many new books, including:

    • Another dozen or so brief reviews are included, most of books already discussed on here.
    Really, given this cornucopia, do you have any excuse for not subscribing--today?

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