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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Congar on True and False Reform

At one crucial point in my dissertation, I drew on Yves Congar's Vraie et fausse réforme dans l'Église, an enormous, and at the time enormously important, work that pre-dated Vatican II, being published in 1950. There he made the case for what would be known as ressourcement theology, showing how any genuine reform in the Church must begin by a return to first principles, so that reforms proceed not ex nihilo but ex traditione.

I long puzzled over the fact that this book, along with much else in Congar's oeuvre, seemed to have been largely forgotten as evidenced, inter alia, by the fact that nobody ever bothered to translate this book into English. Now, at long last, Liturgical Press is doing just that, and both Eastern and Western Christians have reason to be grateful for Paul Philibert's forthcoming translation of

True and False Reform in the Church

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